3-6D Eyelash Extensions & Tips

3-6D Eyelash Extensions

I recently got the 3-6D eyelash extensions done with Fab Lash by Angie.

Angie is based in Salon Deluxe on Forster Street, Galway.

I have been getting eyelash extensions done with Angie for about two years now.

I like to treat myself every now and then and I love how the eyelash extensions really open up your eyes, they make a huge difference.

This time I chose the 3-6D length eyelash extensions, as I love the look of really full thick lashes.

I always wear fake eyelashes on a night out, so I love waking up in the morning having the lash extensions and it makes my morning makeup routine so much quicker!

3-6D Eyelash Extensions
3-6D Eyelash Extensions

Unlike fake eyelashes the eyelash extensions feel weightless, and you would forget you even have them after a few days they are so light.

The extensions take at least two hours to apply and usually last me for 6-8 weeks, but I look after them very carefully which is really important. I would recommend if you do get eyelash extensions to follow the tips below to ensure you get the most out of your extensions.


The Rules of Eyelash Extensions

 These are some tips I have learned along the way, some are common sense but some you may not have realised…

– Use oil free makeup remover products when taking off your eye makeup each night, and check your moisturiser and eye cream to ensure they are oil free

– Even if you do not wear eyemakeup your lash extensions need to be washed lightly daily

– Baby shampoo is best for removing eyemake or cleaning eyes. Use cotton buds, you can get a mini bottle in Boots or Tesco

– Get eyelash extensions that are suited to you and your face. If you are not used to wearing fake eyelashes I would recommend to start off with smaller lash extensions and you can always go bigger next time

– Do not use a sunbed for 48 hours after application

– Do not shower for 24 hours after application to allow the glue to set properly (shower and wash your hair BEFORE your appointment)

– Avoid any kind of steam for 24 hours, e.g cooking on the hob or bending down to open the oven door when cooking e.g. make sure your other half does the cooking that night – love this one 😉

– Avoid very hot steamy water in the shower and near your face as this can weaken the glue, some people even shower with goggles!! I have never done this but I would say it would add a week or two to the length they last

– Do not put any mascara on your eyeslashes and be careful to remove any eyeliner flicks and eyeshadow each night with cotton buds

– Brush your eyelashes each morning and evening with the eyelash brush to prevent any tangling and to keep them neat

– Rotate the side that you sleep on, e.g most people say that they notice more fall out from one particular one, usually the side they sleep on

– Completely avoid saunas and steam rooms

– It is recommended that silk pillow cases cause the lashes to last longer, but I use cotton pillowcases

– Do not excessively touch your eyes or play with the lashes, avoid touching them at all, and for the love of god (I have no idea why people do this!!) do not pull your eyelash extensions out, it will pull out your real lashes also

– To remove your eyelash extensions book an appointment with an eyelash extensionist who can easily remove them, or for more experienced lash wearers have a hot steamy shower and gently dab your eyes with baby oil soaked cotton pads. Repeat for several days

Check out Angie’s Facebook page here for more.

Hope you enjoyed reading!



*This is not a sponsored post, all views and opinions are my own.


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