3D Sleek Brows – The Newest Beauty Treatment!

What are 3D Sleek Brows?
Much more than brow extensions……..
Revolutionary 3D Brow Building will allow you to re-construct your clients’ eyebrows completely. Furthermore, you can create fullness and definition that cannot be achieved with regular eyebrow grooming. The result is a waterproof and smudge-proof eyebrow, which is created by building on the client’s natural shape to create fuller, thicker, luscious brows that have perfect definition.
The achieved high definition result is similar to permanent make-up except it’s 3-dimensional and non-invasive. The look is tailor-made for each person and suitable for those who have naturally good eyebrows as well as those who suffer from partial or complete eyebrow loss.
Two completely new concepts for the beauty industry; The first is for those who have naturally good or thinning eyebrows and would like to work on the shape and fullness – we then apply specialised hairs to their natural hairs. This creates desired look that lasts. Alternatively, if the client does not have any eyebrows or is experiencing partial loss, we have developed a textured paint; that can be applied directly in strokes onto client’s skin where there is no hair at all. This gives slight texture and allows the customer to grow their natural eyebrows with use of eyebrow serum.
I got the 3D Sleek Brows done yesterday and I was amazed with the results! My eyebrows are so blonde and shapeless, I would always just draw them on myself with powder or pencil, but I felt I couldn’t get the defined, natural shape I wanted!
Here’s my before and after picture…I’m delighted with the results!
I think this new 3D Sleek Brow treatment is AMAZING and I think it will be so handy getting up in the morning and already having your brows done!
Every minute in the morning counts 😉
I got them done with Fab Brows by Anya – Galway, you can find her on Facebook here, and see the rest of the before and after pictures on her page.
I have a feeling this will be the next big beauty treatment!
Hope you enjoyed reading!

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