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BabyB Browne are sponsors of this years Miss Ireland competition. They gave us a complimentary bottle of BabyB Browne tan, and treated us all to spray tans the night before the Miss Ireland final which took place in the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin.
I am a huge lover of fake tans, and I had never tried BabyBrowne tan previously. What first interested me about BabyB Browne self tan, was that I loved how the tan came out in photos – the tan came out exactly how I like it to look, even and dark – but natural!
Since the Miss Ireland competition BabyB Browne has become my new favourite tan, I love the smell, it’s infused with vanilla extracts – that’s why it smells so good :) and it goes on so easily and streak-free.
I usually apply tan the night before a night out or event, but for the photo (below) I didn’t have time to apply the night before so I applied it an hour before the photo was taken!
It comes out of the pump as a dark liquid so it’s easy to see where you are applying it and if you miss any bits! It’s literally dry in 10 minutes and looks dark straight away – it doesn’t take hours to develop.
What I love about BabyB Browne tan is that it has a really even fade –  it doesn’t start to look dirty as it starts to fade as some tans do, I find this tan lasts me 5 to 6 days before I scrub it off with exfoliating gel and gloves and it’s not hard to remove. It also doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.
This is due to the fact that the tan is enriched with Aloe Vera :)
Every one compliments my tan now and says it looks really even and natural!
Check out their website here for application tips!
Hope you enjoyed reading :)
*This blog post was not a paid or sponsored post, it is 100% my own opinion on this tan.

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