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I was cleaning out my make-up drawer at home yesterday and I came across lots of empty Mac products from over the years and I remembered a friend mentioning to me that you can bring all your empty or used Mac make-up containers back to Brown Thomas and you get free lipsticks for them!!
So I went in today to check it out!
So after clearing out all my makeup drawers I realized I had gathered quite a few containers over the last year or two – Mac Obsessed! 20 to be exact!
I had foundation bottles, blushers and powder palettes, lipstick’s, concealers and liquid eyeliner.
Here’s a pic of all my empties :)
So when I went in to the Mac counter in Brown Thomas in Galway they said that I would get one free lipstick per 6 empty containers. I noticed with some of my powder containers the plastic had fallen through on them, (the one on the left) so I wasn’t sure if they would take them but they did!
So I gave 18 empties and got 3 brand new Mac lipsticks :)
I was delighted :)
The empty containers were just gathering dust in my make-up drawer and taking up valuable space.
The lipsticks you choose from must be the black and silver one’s but they have a huge range to choose from and the girls are really helpful in there!
So… are the one’s I chose….
and I LOVE them 😀
I wanted to get a good mix of colours and I was drawn to these 3!
My favourite colour is pink but for lipstick I love reds, pinks and nudes.
I chose the red lipstick because it was so striking and I think it would be fab with a black winged eyeliner,
I chose the nude because I thought it would be nice with a smoky brown and nude eye, with a bit of lipliner,
and I chose the pink because I just loved the colour of it it’s so different and unique, I think it would be nice with a black dress or all black outfit :)
Below are the names of the lipstick’s
Pink – Candy Yum-Yum – A34
Nude – Creme D’Nude – AA3
Red – MAC Red – A14
I’d definitely recommend you to bring in your empties it’s definitely worth it :)

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