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Visage Cosmetic Organiser

I picked up this Visage Cosmetic Organiser in Home Store in the Wellpark retail park in Galway for €7.99.
I’d been keeping an eye out for one for ages and everything I saw was way too expensive.
I just wanted something simple to store my makeup in on my desk so that in the morning’s it was easy to find everything and put it back – less mess!
 So here is the cosmetic organizer with my most used make-up products in it.
On the front right it has 12 compartments for lipsticks and lip glosses, which I have filled with Mac lipsticks and NYX  butter lip glosses.

Behind there is 4 compartments for nail varnishes, where I stored one of my NYX butter glosses, my nude Isa Dora nail varnish from the ITWBN goodie bag, and 2 Barry M nail varnishes I got in River Island – white and baby pink.
On the back left there are two compartments for make-up brushes or something similar.
In the left one I have my 4 Real Techniques brushes, and in the right I have lip liner, eyeliner, gel eyeliner and mascara.

In the front left there is a big space for foundations or powders. I have my primer, foundations, bronzer, powder and NYX brow kit and concealor in there as you can see.
I was surprised at how much products I fitted in to it and how they all fit so well!

I find it so handy and I’d definitely recommend it! It keeps my makeup desk a lot cleaner! 😉
Hope you enjoyed reading :)


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