Dinner & Cocktails at the Nox Hotel Galway

I was recently invited to the Nox Hotel Galway to sample their menu and cocktails with a friend. I had never been to the Nox Hotel before but I had heard excellent reviews of the food and cocktails.

When I arrived at the hotel I waited in the lobby for my friend to arrive. I immediately loved the decor of the hotel as it was really modern and such vibrant colours.

Nox Hotel Galway Lobby

The Deputy Manager Simon brought me a Cherry Bomb Ice Tea Cocktail while I was waiting, which tasted like cola bottles. It was the perfect cocktail to start off the evening of dinner and drinks.

Nox Hotel Galway Cherry Bomb Ice Tea Cocktail



First we were given a small cup of tomato soup to start the evening.

Nox Hotel Galway Tomato Soup

Nox Hotel Galway Starter Potato & Pulled Pork Croquette

For starter I decided I would try something different as when I usually go to restuarants I browse the menu and ALWAYS end up ordering the same thing! I asked Simon to surprise me and pick my starter for me, as I was in the mood for trying something new and different. I had the Potato & Pulled Pork Croquette with Roast Pepper Aioli, Red Cabbage Slaw, Corn & Avacado Salsa. It wasn’t something I would have thought to pick myself as I have never even tried avacado before but I actually loved it. I would definitely order it again.

Cocktails at the Nox Hotel

Nox Hotel Galway Cocktails

After the starter we got cocktails, I had the Elderflower G&T and my friend Hannah had the Cosmopolitan.

Main Course

Nox Hotel Galway 6 oz Angus Steak Sandwich

For Main Course I had the 6 oz Angus Steak Sandwich with Confit Flat Cap Mushroom, Sauté Onions, Rocket, Dijonaise, Served on Ciabatta bread, with Side Salad & Chunky Chips. It was absolutely delicious.

I had a glass of prosecco with my main course and Hannah had a glass of red wine.

Nox Hotel Galway Wine & Prosecco

More Cocktails…!

Nox Hotel Galway Cocktails

We were so stuffed from the starter and main course we couldn’t fit dessert which was such a pity as everything on the dessert menu looked to die for!!

So we had one more cocktail each! Hannah had the Cherry Bomb Ice Tea and I had a cocktail made up by Simon.

I really enjoyed my meal in the Nox Hotel and would definitely visit the Nox again for dinner or for cocktails.

Thanks to Caroline, the Marketing Manager for inviting me and to Simon the Deputy Manager for looking after us so well! :)

Nox Hotel Galway Fashion Truth by Ruth

Nox Hotel Galway Fashion Truth by Ruth

If you are interested in trying out the Nox Hotel for yourself – Valentine’s Day is coming!!

Check out their great Valentine’s Offer offer below;

Nox Hotel Galway Valentines Menu

 Hope you enjoyed reading,


*These opinions are all my own.

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