Fuller Lips

Bigger, fuller lips seems to be becoming more and more popular!
Kylie Jenner from Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) is just one of the celebrities that has received a lot of speculation from the media over the huge change in her lips.
Is it just good make-up application or has she had lip augmentation??
Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore recently had lip augmentation with LeBeau Ideal and it dramatically changed her look!

Holly Hagan ditched her old look for a more natural appearance which suits her a lot better and shows her true beauty!
I love the fuller poutier lips because it can totally change your appearance!
I have a huge fear of needles big and small so I’d be really scared to get this done even though it looks amazing.

Those lips…. Wow!
Read more about lip augmentation here 
Here are some ways to dodge the needles and create the same effect using make-up :)
Kylie claims it’s all about the liner and she uses MAC’s Whirl or Spice lip liner and then MAC lipstick in Twig to get her pout. Wishlist!!

Photo credit – @mua_nina (instagram)
Would you consider lip augmentation??
Hope you enjoyed reading :)


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