Mc Gettigan’s Galway Blogger Taste & Tell Evening

Mc Gettigans Galway Taste & Tell Blogger Event

Taste & Tell Blogger Event in Mc Gettigan’s Galway

I was thrilled to be invited to the Taste & Tell event in Mc Gettigan’s Galway on Friday night, anyone who is friends with me on snapchat knows I am OBSESSED with food, and I regularly get given out to by my friends and family for now allowing anyone to eat any food until I take a snapchat, or just snapchatting food in general!
Presentation is everything!
So I was invited in to Mc Gettigan’s in Galway to sample the new food menu, and little did I know how amazing it was going to be!
My boyfriend was invited along with me as he’s just as obsessed about good food as I am and we go to Mc Gettigan’s regularly for dinner and drinks.
I was presuming it would be finger food but when we arrived they had a table reserved for us. Then we were offered a cocktail of our choice, I wanted something sweet so I got the Frozen Passion Fruit Margarita cocktail which I absolutely loved. My boyfriend Cian had a Long Island iced tea.

 Frozen Passion Fruit Margarita Cocktail

Yes, this tasted as amazing as it looked hence my snapchat. I have always loved the cocktails in Mc Gettigans, but I think this one is my new favourite.

Mc Gettigans Frozen Passion Fruit Margarita Cocktail - Mc Gettigan's Galway Blogger Taste & Tell Evening

Mc Gettigans Sample Platter Evening Starter

We had a ‘Sample Platter for 2’ for starter, which included chicken wings, salt & pepper calamari, parmesan & garlic fries, onion rings, baked brie mushrooms and pork belly popcorn. Below is a picture of the starter, which was huge!

Mc Gettigan's Starter Sample Platter - Mc Gettigan's Galway Blogger Taste & Tell Evening

My favourite was the pork belly popcorn and the fries. I had never tested pork belly popcorn before and it was delicious!

Mc Gettigans Evening Main Course

Mc Gettigan's Pan Roasted 1/2 chicken - Mc Gettigan's Galway Blogger Taste & Tell Evening

For main course we both had the Pan Roasted 1/2 chicken, which came with truffle parmesan chips, watercress & cherry tomato salad. The chips in Mc Gettigan’s are to die for, they are delicious.

We were offered Irish coffees after our meal, but I don’t drink Irish coffee so I had a glass to white wine to wash it down instead.

Mc Gettigan's White Wine - Mc Gettigan's Galway Blogger Taste & Tell Evening

Mc Gettigans Taste & Tell Evening Dessert

For dessert my boyfriend Cian had the warm double chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream, and I had the warm apple & blueberry crumble. They were both so tasty, I don’t know if it’s just me personally but I like when restaurants heat the dessert, it is even more tempting when a dessert is heated along with cold ice cream, it just melts in your mouth.
Mc Gettigan's Warm Apple & Blueberry Crumble - Mc Gettigan's Galway Blogger Taste & Tell Evening
Cian’s Double Chocolate Brownie was so good I ended up stealing most of it! I have such a sweet tooth I can’t resist chocolate.
Mc Gettigan's Warm Double Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream - Mc Gettigan's Galway Blogger Taste & Tell Evening
I had such a nice evening and was so happy to be invited and to the Taste & Tell evening. After the meal we were both completely stuffed. The service was impeccable as always, and I would definitely recommend you to test the new food menu & cocktails.
A big thanks to Mc Gettigan’s Galway for inviting me & to all their staff.

Hope you enjoyed reading,


Disclaimer – *These opinions are all my own

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