Meeting Fashion & Beauty Blogger So Sue Me!

Meeting Fashion & Beauty Blogger So Sue Me

This evening I went to see Suzanne Jackson, better known as So Sue Me, in NUI Galway for her Beauty and Blogging Workshop. I’ve wanted to attend one of her seminar for aaages, or even meet her in person, so I was super excited!!
 I was working 9.30am-6.30pm in River Island, and the event started at 7pm so I rushed straight to NUI Galway from work.
I was wearing heels all day at work, so my feet were aching! (I know it’s a long day but heels just look so much nicer with outfits! 😛 ). I wasn’t long waking up and getting excited to meet Suzanne, and I was really interested to see what Suzanne would speak about.
 My friend Gary that was in my year in college  organised the event was there and I had begged him could I get to meet Suzanne before the seminar started. She was so nice and friendly and looked absolutely gorgeous! The quality of the photo isn’t great but she looked stunning as always.
My friend Kathy and I got front row seats, so I took a snapchat while we were waiting for it to start :) If you don’t follow me on snapchat already my username is @ruthmccourt
Sue talked about how she started off when she left school, how she started blogging, her turning point of her career and lots more! It was a really interesting seminar. I love listening to peoples stories of how they got to where they are today, it’s very inspiring.
The Selfie :)
Kathy&I were delighted to be in the front row of the selfie :)
We all received Goodie Bags with  avoucher for €5 off Vera Moda also.
To sum the event up I had a really good time at the event, I was really looking forward to it, and it was better than I expected!
Meeting Suzanne in person I thought she was really down to earth and genuine, and I liked her even more (if that’s possible!!)
Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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