My Autumn River Island Wishlist

Autumn River Island Wishlist

So Summer is officially over :( and Autumn has begun… think fluffy socks, open fires and lots of tea :)
So I have put together my Autumn Wishlist from River Island which are pieces I have been looking at in the store while I’m working, or online and can’t wait to buy.
 Yesterday evening we did the new layout for the store for Autumn, which was my first time doing a new layout and I found it really interesting! I got to do the Visual Merchandising, which meant I choose which tops and jewelry went under the jackets or blazers and which handbags/shoes suited each wall of clothing :)
At the moment I’m loving cream, beige, black, faux fur, leather jackets and boots and the items below really appealed to me :)
So here are my Wishlist items! 
Click on the images below to shop them :)
 Beige Mac Cream Handbag



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