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I just wanted to say Thank You to every single person that reads my blog, to my family, friends, and everyone I meet on nights out who tell me they read my blog and is supportive of me, it means a lot to me and I’m really grateful. I spent a month or two wondering if I should set up a blog or not, even though I had a feeling I would really enjoy blogging.
I literally spend EVERY spare minute I have thinking about what I will write about next, or doing drafts to improve a post and publish later, and even though it might seem like just a small blog post I put a lot of thought and effort into each one and I’m really grateful to the people that read it and give me feedback. 
Also Thank You to anyone who gives me negativity, through comments or actions, or jealously, I have never understood women who don’t support other women for whatever reason, you make me work harder so I thank you too.
Who knows if your dreams will work out or not, who knows if you will get to where you wana be in life? You may not be successful all the time but hey if your trying your already beating everyone else that’s not. #Positivity

Chase Your Dreams

It can be hard sometimes, there’s so many pressures everyday for women, it can be hard to still be confident, stand tall and be positive! 
Personally, I’m not the type of person that really speaks out, I’m quiet and shy until I get to know someone.
Well I think…
I hope you enjoyed reading 


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