My Favourite Winter Jackets

So since the weather has got so chilly and wintery lately… (Yay Christmas is on the way!!)
I thought I would do a blog post on my favourite winter jackets!
I’m obsessed with winter jackets, I buy at least 2 a year I think they’re great investments because I always put them away in January and then take them out again in October/November or when I need them depending on the weather.
It just makes it so much easier to get out of bed in the morning when you know you’ll be putting on a snuggly fur/winter coat :)
My favourite winter coats are faux fur ones as they’re so warm! 
I’ll do a separate blog post on my own collection of winter coats and jackets!
So these are all on my Winter Jackets Wishlist – mostly from River Island but one is from New Look!
Click on the images below to shop them!

Hope you enjoyed reading :)


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