My First Visit to Eden Skin and Laser Clinic Roscommon!

Over the past 6 months/year my skin has gotten pretty bad with break-outs and mild acne which can be really upsetting and frustrating! I’ve tried lots of different skincare ranges and went to see a dermatologist last year but nothing really seemed to work!
I wear makeup every day (like most girls)  but if I had a day off or if I was just at home blogging I wouldn’t wear any makeup, but otherwise I wouldn’t leave the house without it! Especially when I feel my skin isn’t 100%.
So today I went to visit Eden Skin and Laser Clinic on the Golf Links Road, Roscommon, which is located at the back of the RosMed Centre, nice and private especially if you are running in and out with no makeup 😉
And it was so beautiful inside!! I felt so pampered :)
So I went to see Lucy Carty, Proprietor and Clinical Director of Eden Skin and Laser Clinic, who also has a background in nursing, to have a free consultation and discuss what treatment/s would be be best for my skin.
Lucy suggested Microdermabrasion Treatments.

Medical Microdermabrasion is an ideal way to treat:

     – Fine lines and wrinkles

     – Sun damaged skin

     – Acne prone skin

     – Blackheads

     – Whiteheads

     – Superficial age spots and Hyperpigmentation

     – Oily, dry or Patchy Skin

What happens?

Microdermabrasion is a highly controlled flow of fine medical grade crystals which remove the dead outermost layer of skin. This process reveals the new living skin cells that are soft, smooth and receptive to nutrients. (sounds good!! :)
I found the treatment quite relaxing, like a pampering treatment. I was really excited beacuse I know that this will make a huge difference to the condition of my skin and I couldn’t wait to get started! I found the sensation a bit like a hoover lol! on my skin, my skin felt like it was getting a lot cleaner and softer and it also felt a small bit scratchy and warm like it was been exfoliated, but the sensation only lasted for a few minutes and when Lucy was finished it went away and my skin felt really tingly and nice.  A course of between 3—6 treatments are recommended depending on each client’s individual skin condition, so I will definitely be going back for more :) Read more about Microdermabrasion here.
I’d definitely recommend discussing skin treatments if you are having problems with your skin. Since getting the microdermabrasion treatment earlier my face is a small bit red but it feels very clean and soft and I can’t wait to see results :) I’m also going to try to drink more water and improve my diet so I get the best results! Lucy said your skin renews itself every 28 days, e.g if you change your diet or skin routine/cut out alcohol you won’t really notice results for 28 days so don’t give up!
Lucy also gave me some Image skincare products that I have heard great reviews about, so I am really eager to try them out.
A big thank you to Lucy for a lovely day today in Eden Skin & Laser Clinic, and I definitely recommend popping into her or giving her a call if you can relate to this post.


Here’s how to find Eden Skin and Laser Clinic!
I hope you enjoyed reading :)

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    Yeah deffo Siobhan! Can't wait to see big results myself :)

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