My Fitness Routine

So from my poll I posted a few months ago on what topic to blog about next My Fitness Routine scored the highest so here it is :)

When I was in college, especially 3rd year before the studying got serious I had way more spare time on my hands and I used to go to the gym in the Kingfisher Renmore in Galway about 4 times a week.
I absolutely loved it I would have a routine I would do in the gym if I was just going myself or with a friend, but most of the time I went to the classes which were an hour long, and we would usually do 2 a day (e.g 6-8pm).
The classes I usually went to were Zumba, Insanity Circuits, Boxercise, and Body Pump.
I loved Zumba as it’s different and your dancing and having fun and it’s not like your exercising at all :)
I would eat really healthy but I would still have a few fry’s and takeaways a week and also a few nights out 😉

Here’s an example of  some of my shopping that I used to do before heading back to college.

And a selfie I took at the time.


And as a contestant of this years Miss Galway 2014 which was back in March (before I became Miss Roscommon 2014)

So I took a while to do this post because with everything going on I had slacked a bit on the fitness buzz, but I am now getting back into the swing of it slowly but surely going to the Active Fitness and Leisure at the Connaught Hotel.

So My Fitness Routine when I go to the gym has always been the same since day 1 and I rarely ever change any part of it.

– 10-15 minutes on the rower to warm up
– 10-15 minutes on the cross trainer level 10/11
Then I spend the other 30/40 mins doing excercises with a kettlebell usually 100 each
–  Sit ups
–  Squats
– Lunges
And sometimes 10 minues on the stepper at a high level before I finish

My Food Diary

Here’s what I eat during the week

Bowl of Porridge with honey and blueberries
2 slices of brown bread toasted
1 cup of tea

Spaghetti Bolognaise with gluten free pasta

Meat/Fish/Chicken with mash potato or home made chips and peas, sometimes fried onions and garlic

I love chocolate so I usually eat a bar of Galaxy or Golden Crisp

Hope you enjoyed reading :)



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