Penneys Homeware for the Bedroom

Decorating my Apartment with Penneys Homeware

I recently moved into a new apartment in Galway with my boyfriend. I was really excited for lots of reasons; this is our first apartment together not sharing with other people, it’s just the two of us, so there is lots of space, it’s very peaceful (but really because there is lots of decorating to be done!!)

I have taken over the job (so willingly!) like most girls of doing the decorating and picking the colour themes and homeware for the apartment. Also like most girls I have been dying to have an apartment of my own to decorate. I love homeware shops and I would regularly browse through homeware shops, and say to myself “Yeah I’ll have that when I have my own house, and that, and that…!” The list is never ending.

Also Penneys Homeware is sooo cheap! You get such good bargains and the stock is always changing so there is always a really great selection. There is always something new to get when I get to pop into Penneys.

Penneys Homeware for the Bedroom

My theme for the bedroom is white and baby pink. The walls are white and one wall, behind the bed is decorated with white and silver wallpaper (as you can see in the picture below) so I decided to pick pastel colours for the bedroom focusing mainly on baby pink as I think it gives it a really chilled and relaxed feel.

Penneys Homeware Bedroom Pink and White Theme

I love cushions. Most guys really can’t understand how much girls love cushions, and that they are purely for decoration purposes, really because they look pretty!!

Penneys Cushions and Duvet Cover

Pink & White ‘Dream’ Cushion – €5

White, Gold & Heart Cushion – €4

Pink Heart Furry Cushion – €4

Pink & White striped duvet – €15

Vintage Pink Glamour Perfume Bottle Cushion – €4  (below)

 Penneys Vintage Glamour Cushion

Penneys Homeware Wall Signs

Another one of my huge favourites are Penneys wall signs with quotes.

I thought it would be a really good idea to have something inspirational to see first thing in the morning when I wake up, and it matches the theme of the room.

‘Good Things are Going to Happen’ Wall Sign – €3

Pink Heart Wall Decoration – €3

Penneys Homeware Good Things are Going to Happen

Penneys Homeware Baby Pink Heart Decoration

Penneys Homeware Candles

Candles are another big love of mine.

When I came across these pink heart candles I loved them, the ice cream ornament is also a candle when you remove the top. It is vanilla ice cream scented and it smells divine!

Pink Heart Candles – €2 each

Ice Cream Candle – €3

Penneys Homeware Pink Heart and Ice-cream Candles

Penneys Makeup Beauty Organiser

Penneys Beauty Organisers

Penneys are now stocking these Beauty Organisers for €3, which is the cheapest I have come across.

It is also available in pink here.

I got mine about a year ago in a Homeware shop for €7.99 but they are exactly the same.

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