Product Review: Dermaceutic Mud Mask, the new Glam Glow?

Dermaceutic Mask from Eden Skin & Laser

The Dermaceutic Mask 15, Sebum Regulator is a mud mask treatment that drys up sebum,tightens pores and removes imperfections. It’s manufactured in Ireland and has been compared to Glam Glow!
I was really interested in trying Glam Glow and I put a picture of Glam Glow products on Instagram a few months ago asking for opinions and I got a few replies saying it wasn’t great so I never bothered trying it!
 So when Lucy from Eden Skin and Laser Clinic advised this product I was really eager to try it out :)
I can constantly see my skin improving after my Microdermabrasion treatment at Eden Skin and Laser Clinic, and I’m delighted! Lucy is like a godsend with her knowledge of products and tips!
If you missed it read about it here.
The texture is not too thick and is a bit like light clay mud. You apply a thin layer to your skin for 2-4 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
About 30 seconds after I applied the mask my skin felt really tingly which it says it normal – no pain no gain haha 😉
I washed it off after 3 minutes with cold water and my skin felt tingly for a few minutes and was a small bit red, but when I looked in the mirror half an hour or an hour later the redness was completely gone and my skin looked really fresh and moisturised.
I will definitely be using this at least once a week from now on!!
I’ve also upped my water intake, I never realized how little water I drink daily and how I’ve slacked BIG TIME from my good old routines.
 I’ve decided to go back to drinking a cup of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning, (I used to do this religiously!!) and carrying around a bottle of water with a few slices of lemon in it wherever I go to encourage me to keep hydrated.
I’m sure it will make a huge difference to my skin an I can’t wait :)
I would never have posted pictures of myself with absolutely no make up before but my skin is improving so much I was delighted to share it with everyone :)

This product gets a huge Thumb’s Up from me :)

You can purchase Dermaceutic products from Eden Skin and Laser Clinic, Roscommon, here, or if you have any questions contact Eden Skin And Laser Clinic’s Facebook page.I hope you enjoyed reading!



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