Meet Linda Creedon – Miss Tipperary

Read my interview with Miss Tipperary Linda Creedon who has taken the internet by storm with her  video on her own struggles with Mental Health on her Facebook page which has reached over 200,000 views.

Q. How would you describe yourself both
professionally and personally?
Professionally I am definitely very
ambitions and a go-getter. I believe in planning goals and working towards them
rather than just ploughing through and seeing what happens. Sometimes I would
just love not have to have everything so structured, but hey, it’s who I am.
Personally I am very open-minded, loving and happy. I love trying new things,
going to new places and meeting different people. It definitely makes for a
more interesting life.
Q. What first interested you in modelling
and pageants, and are your views still the same?
I have always had a huge interest in the
fashion and beauty industry since I was very young, it just fascinated me. I
really admired women for standing up and celebrating who they were. When I was
given opportunities to become a part of this, it was just natural for me to go
for it! Pageants get a bit of a bad rep for being anti-feminist etc. but I have
nothing but positives to say about my experiences with them and modelling as a
result. It is wonderful to be part of an atmosphere where people believe in
themselves, know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for their dreams.
Q. How do you feel your life has changed
since Miss Ireland?
I am so much more confident and self-secure
from being in Miss Ireland. I am able to enjoy different things that are
happening in my life much more because I am not constantly worrying about what
people will say. I think in general that we under-appreciate ourselves and we
need to stop being so harsh and critical. It is difficult but we all need to
stop being afraid of loving ourselves for who we are, because we’ll never be
anybody else.
Q. Do you feel people treat you differently
since getting a lot of attention and press from being in Miss Ireland?
 No I
don’t think people treat me differently really. I have been lucky to receive
support from those closest to me which is all that matters.
Q. Who is your celebrity fashion/beauty role
model and why?
Miranda Kerr is my fashion and beauty role
model. She is such a strong, kind, beautiful woman and manages to look super
chic at all times even while managing a huge natural skincare business and
motherhood. Not only that, she always gives her opinion and speaks her mind
about promoting a healthy lifestyle which is something I can relate to.
Q. What’s your bedtime skincare routine?
I take my make-up off using olive oil
actually. I have really sensitive skin and olive oil is proven to be good for
sensitivity, it’s so soothing and really gets everything off. I have been using
Neutrogena 2 in 1 visibly clear cleanser for at least six years and use this
after I have taken off my make-up. I use a night-time serum and night cream
after I have cleansed to keep my skin hydrated through the night.  Any blemishes then I dab a little bit of aloe
vera gel on them, again very soothing and really effective.
Q. What’s your favourite high-street store?
Oh way too many to choose from! But if I
had to I would say Zara. I love how they put their own spin on fashion trends
and their sizes and shapes of the clothes suit by body type.  Plus my boyfriend likes it too so it’s the
one store I don’t have to drag him into as he’s quite happy to stay in the
men’s section. Of course you can’t beat Penny’s for a bargain though.
Q. What are your guilty pleasures?
One Direction (yes, I know) and eating microwave
popcorn in bed. It’s a pain then though having to get up and brush my teeth!
Q. What’s in your make-up bag?
My ultimate foundation is Laura Mercier
Silk Crème foundation. I’m obsessed! I have lots of freckles on my face and
most foundations I have tried don’t seem compliment my complexion as a result. LaMer
gives me the coverage I want and lets my freckles show through aswel. I’m
jumping on the Kylie Jenner lip bandwagon at the moment and loving GOSH velvet
touch lip liner in nougat crisp. It’s a shade darker than my natural lip colour
so I can achieve the shape that I want. 
For a bit of colour then I use either Benefit Hoola and/or MAC powder
blush in margin. To finish my look, I love any maybeline mascare. They’re all
Q. What beauty products could you not live
Olive oil for my skin, Mane ‘n’ Tail
Hoofmaker Hand & Nail therapy as my hands get super dry from  my job and mascara.

Here is a copy of Linda’s video from her Youtube page. It’s definitely worth a watch. 
Well done Linda :)

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