Revive Active Beauty Complex

Beauty Complex is the latest product in the Revive Active range.  It was launched in Ireland in June 2017 and in the UK in September 2017. Each Beauty Complex sachet contains a combination of powerful ingredients; 7,ooomg Peptan Marine Collagen100mg Hyaluronic Acid100mg Phytoceramides plus Vitamins A & E, Selenium and Copper.  These ingredients nourish the skin from within and contribute to normal skin, hair and nails and take an aggressive approach to returning structure, function, moisture, plumpness and youthfulness to the skin all for €49.95.

Beauty Complex is the first ever supplement to include marine collagen**, hyaluronic acid and phytoceramides, alongside vitamin C, E, copper and selenium all in one. Its sachet formula is far superior to a tablet or drink, keeping the ingredients fresh and preventing deterioration over time. There are 21 sachets per box.

Each sachet contains:

  • 7,000mg of Marine Collagen
  • 100mg of Phytoceramides
  • 100mg of Hyaluronic Acid

And a combination of natural ingredients to help nourish the skin from within

  • Hyaluronic Acid is known to minimize the appearance of fine lines as well as protect the skin against further moisture loss and can keep your skin looking supple and elastic, too.
  • Phytoceramdies;
    • Unlike other skin products, Phytoceramides have the unique ability to penetrate all the four layers of the skin and successfully lock in moisture deep in the skin.
    • Phytoceramides act as a stimulant for collagen production which increases skin elasticity and plumps up the skin. Beauty Complex by Revive Active contains both Phytoceramides and Collagen, further helping to improve the structure of the skin.
    • They encourage the development of a protective barrier that protects against inflammations and infections, sun damage and dry patches.
    • They keep your skin hydrated by retaining moisture which in turns helps to reduce wrinkles.
    • Phytoceramides have also been found to have the ability to slow down the skin’s aging process and even reverse already existing signs like crow’s feet from deep within the skin.


Revive Beauty Complex Sachets Blogger Review


Why I wanted to try Revive Beauty Complex…



After wearing hair extensions on and off for four years I am trying to grow my hair naturally, but it is not as thick or healthy as I would like it to be yet. Although I have no damage to my hair I’d really like to have my hair as healthy as possible, and it to grow!



I have started skin treatments in the Galway Laser & Skincare Clinic, as one of my aims for this year is to look after my skin better. I’ve had trouble with my skin for the past couple of years and I decided this would be the year I would look into skin treatments and supplements, and when I did some research into the Revive Beauty Complex supplements I am really excited to give them a try.


Guidelines when taking Beauty Complex

  • Revive Beauty Complex comes in a daily sachet.  You empty the contents of the sachet into a glass, add approximately 300ml of water or your favourite juice and stir well to dissolve and drink. I have also read that it can also be mixed into a morning smoothie, and it should be taken 1 hour before or after food to see the best results.
  • Beauty Complex contains high quantities of ingredients and as a result some people find that it suits them better to wait until an hour after food to take their sachet.  It is very much a personal choice.
  • If taking Revive Active as well as Beauty Complex they recommend taking Revive Active in the morning and Beauty Complex in the afternoon or evening.  This gives the body time to absorb all of the ingredients and nothing goes to waste.


You can buy the Revive Active Beauty Complex here.

Hope you enjoyed reading!



*Revive Active Beauty Complex products were gifted to me by Revive Active, but all opinions are my own.

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