Sensationail Product Review

I got this Sensational Gel Nail Kit as a Christmas present and I’ve only got around to using it a few days ago.
It’s a ‘Do It Yourself’ gel starter kit that you apply to your own nails and it lasts for 2 weeks, so I’ve been dying to try it out :) 

It has 2 gel nail polishes – red and pink, and two glitters – gold and silver.
You can mix the colours together or the glitters, but I wanted to try out the cranberry red colour with gold glitter first.
I thought it was a really good present as I can’t always afford to get my nails done these days by a beautician or find the time.
There’s also a voucher with it with €4 a new gel nail varnish, so there are lots of other colours to choose from also!

It took me just under an hour from start to finish, I was going slowly and reading the instructions as I went along which I thought was really good since I’m a newbie 😉

Here’s a pic of how they turned out :)
I love glitter but thought it might be too much to put glitter on all of my nails so I opted for two nails with glitter and the rest red.
You can also mix a bit of the glitter with some of the clear top coat gel and then apply it to your nails for just a small amount of glitter, I might try that next time :)
I thought it was a really good present and it says it should do 20 sets of nails which is amazing.
I always normally get tips (a clear nail tip which is stuck on to your own nail which is filed to whatever shape you want) when I’m getting gel nails done and I think you can get them cheap enough so I might buy tips and try them for my next set in two weeks! 
It also comes with this LED lamp which cures (dries) the nails!  

It’s available from Boots pharmacies, let me know if you try it out and how you get on, I’d really recommend it :)
Hope you enjoyed reading!




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