Strength & Core with French Vanoli

French Vanoli School of Fitn

Strength & Core Fitness Classes with French Vanoli

I was invited to attend Strength & Core fitness classes with French Vanoli School of Fitness through a Blogger Collaboration with Into The West Blogger Network (ITWBN).

I was really excited as I had been out of the fitness game for about 2 years, having regularly gone to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and being quite fit before I stopped.

I had been doing a lot of modelling and pageants while I was in college; Miss Galway, Miss University and Miss Ireland, and that was my motivation to keep really fit and made me get up and go to the gym.

Miss Galway 2014

When I finished college and started working full time and blogging every free minute I had, my fitness just got pushed to the side and I told myself I didn’t have the time or the motivation to pull myself up and go back, so when French Vanoli contacted me it was the perfect excuse!

Before I started I was told the Strength & Core classes are a mix of strength, cardio and core exercises and are guaranteed to push you harder than you would normally push yourself.

After watching the video I knew it was going to be really tough but I was excited for this new challenge and getting my fitness back.

  • No class is the same – they are constantly varied so you never get tired of doing the same exercise’s.
  • There are morning, afternoon and evening classes to choose from which is great – and I love that you don’t have to commit to a specific time – you can decide right up until the class starts if you are going to go.
  • These classes are for everyone – all ages and levels of fitness
  • They are great to burn body fat


French Vanoli is located in Unit 10, Oranmore Business Park which is handy as I am working nearby.

French Vanoli Gym

French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

To read more about Strength & Core click here

French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

I love the atmosphere in the gym, the walls are decorated with motivational messages and the trainers are really helpful and inspire you to keep going.

French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

Sample Workout from the Strength & Core Class

Sample Workout from the Strength & Core Class

Strength & Core French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

Strength & Core French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

Strength & Core French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

The Strength & Core class is very intense, I find when you are doing a workout that is very hard and intense at the time it’s rewarding as you feel great after. This class is definitely the hardest gym class I have ever done.

Literally everything hurts the next day, getting out of bed, sitting down, I’m that person you see going sideways up the stairs, but hey no pain no gain! It’s worth it!

Summer Body In Progress!!

Strength & Core French Vanoli Gym Oranmore

Check out the French Vanoli website here

I register for the classes via the free French Vanoli app which is really handy. The classes are booked through credits on the app, so at the start of the week if I know I will not be able to attend Monday’s class I can book in for Wednesday instead.

Hope you enjoyed reading!




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